STROKE 7...get your mind out of the gutter

Or don't. Take it however you please. Two former crew rowers who sat 8, or Stroke, and 7 in the boat. We strive to bring bold statements, humor, and art to our produts. Go on, look around. You'll find something that fits your lifestyle.


  • 100% Made to Order

    All of our products are currently made to order so it will take a little longer to receive your swag. I know, I know, Amazon has made us all impatient. But look at it this way, with this method there is no worry of not having your size since we’re not limited on space to stock inventory and on our end we’re not stuck with some random products that I have to toss in some random stranger’s bag on the street to make room for new products. It’s a win all around. So trust me, it’s worth the wait.

  • (Can we say that?)

    This is where we’ll drop previews of new collections we’re working on before they hit the store. Because everyone enjoys a little peek every now and then.